The Richmond needs housing

The housing crisis has hit our neighborhood hard, but it's time to fight back. We are neighbors organizing to address the root cause of the housing crisis: There are not enough homes.

Come on and join the fastest growing group of activists in San Francisco!

We can beat the housing crisis

We demand development without displacement. To that end, we seek to implement a series of policy recommendations made by President Obama in his Housing Development Toolkit.

  • Streamline or shorten permitting processes and timelines
  • Eliminate off-street parking requirements
  • Enact high-density and multifamily zoning
  • Allow accessory dwelling units
  • Employ inclusionary zoning
  • Establish density bonuses (Home SF) We did it!

Bad policy and local opposition to housing has erected an invisible wall around San Francisco, keeping out talented hardworking people who can't afford to live here. The Richmond of the future will only be diverse and vibrant if we keep our doors open.

"We can work together to break down rules that stand in the way of building new housing and that keep families from moving to growing, dynamic cities."
—President Obama, remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, January 21, 2016

How to get involved

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4) Introduce yourself!

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If you have any special skills (graphic design, cooking, organizing experience, event planning, filmmaking, sales, marketing, programming etc) please mention them. The Richmond needs you!

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